Webanywhere’s Online Rewards System Is Now Free


Last month, Webanywhere launched two brand new e-learning apps for schools – Jotter Learn and School Merits.

Now, it has been announced that School Merits, the online rewards system, will be free to all schools.

This means that teachers can incentivise learning, giving each child a character – or avatar – and awarding them points as and when they complete good work, or show good behaviour in class. Using the points, known as Merits within the system, children can purchase accessories for their avatar, like clothes and pets.

The system works as a virtual bank account for children, where they can see recent transactions, their Merits balance and why they were awarded each set of Merits. So, not only does the system incentivise learning, it teaches children about the value of money!

For the teacher, reports can be generated to evidence learning and behaviour, so it helps with evidencing improvements as a result of Pupil Premium spending.

To get School Merits for free for your school, simply go to schoolmerits.com and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


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