Webanywhere Launches Integrated e-Learning/Website System


As visitors to BETT 2014 will know, Webanywhere’s leading school website system will be integrated with a range of e-learning apps this year.

School Jotter, already used by nearly 3,000 schools, underwent its first transformation today. An all-new dashboard, which existing School Jotter 2 users have been upgraded to for free, will allow e-learning apps to be integrated – as shown in the picture on the right.

The first two apps that will be launched for the new dashboard include School Merits and Jotter Learn. Both were unveiled at the BETT Show last month, and will be available from 26th February. Jotter Learn allows teachers to create department and classroom websites – giving them a secure online location to assign work, and provide an information resource for pupils. These ‘learning sites’ can be created to support any subject or assignment.

Resources and lesson plans can be shared between schools, with the aim of building a ‘Jotter community.’

The School Merits app is for incentivising work and rewarding pupils. Teachers can assign classes and year groups with ‘Merits’ – an online currency which pupils can use to build avatars and donate to charity. Progress and achievements can be tracked through online reporting and parents can see how well their child is doing in school.

Webanywhere customers with School Jotter 2 – the most recent incarnation of the school website system – were updated this morning with the new dashboard. The additional apps show in the image – School Merits, Jotter Learn, Blog, Forum and Messages – can be purchased separately.

You can find out more about the changes, and book a short demo to see how the new learning apps work, by clicking here.

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