Two Quick Ways To Make Learning More Engaging


There are two common obstacles to implementing technology into a school: money and time. Money, because many schools struggle to free up enough budget to pay for the software to use or the hardware on which to run it. Time, because teachers find their time so stretched they simply don’t have the opportunity to learn new systems or become technically-literate.

The counter argument, however would be that as children are now far more computer literate than ever, why not use that to engage them more in your teaching? Subsequently, the time and money spent will pay off in spades.

We’ve put together a new white paper, in which we’ve looked at five ways you can use technology in the classroom to improve pupil engagement. Having helped schools integrate technology into the classroom for years, we know that these ideas do work successfully, helping you to improve grades and allowing children to enjoy learning more.

It’s called 5 Ways Technology Can Make Your Teaching More Engaging, and you can download it by clicking here. But if you don’t have time just yet to read the whole document – you’re a busy teacher, after all! – we’ve put together two further, quick ways to engage children in your lessons, using technology.


Try Online Games

There are many of these online, and most of the ones for primary age children are really easy to use. We found one to help with their grammar called Grammar Ninja. It’s a really simple game, yet by playing it children will learn what a noun is, how to spot a verb in a sentence – and for more advanced learners, how a pronoun is used.


Get Them Blogging – But In Video Form

Getting them blogging is one way of using technology – but by using a video camera you can take it one step further.

Set up a camera in the classroom, and ask children to take it in turns to talk about (or even act out!) their accounts of their weekend. It’ll get them thinking about how they articulate themselves in front of a camera, develop their confidence – and increase their interest in writing and storytelling!

A simple video camera and tripod could cost the school as little as £250 – but the results would be well worth it. It would also give you something interesting to add to the school website- that parents would love watching!

Do you have any ideas on how to engage pupils more with learning via technology? If so, please leave a comment below!

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