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Learning Platforms: For Children, Not Just Teachers!

Learning platforms are revolutionising classrooms all over the UK – and beyond. But many practitioners are still reluctant to join the growing number of UK teachers who are using virtual learning environments as part of their everyday teaching. So, what’s stopping them? One of the most common objections to using a learning platform is that…

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Mary Cooch inspires at Webanywhere Event

Learning platforms aren’t just designed to save teachers time – they’re also a great way to get learners more engaged. That was the message delegates received from Mary Cooch (@Moodlefairy), who presented a 40-minute long introduction to Nurturing Online Learning – Webanywhere’s learning platform ‘awareness’ day. The event, which took place at Leeds’ Rose Bowl, must…

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Helpful Moodle Ideas And Advice – Watch The Videos

Moodle has grown rapidly since its birth in 1999 – and now has users in 214 countries. With such widespread use, and so many variations of Moodle now in existence, it’s important your staff understand it, and use it to its full potential. So, Webanywhere have put together three videos to help you engage your…

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Use your literacy skills and write a poem

ICT Awards – A Great Way To Encourage e-Learning In Schools

Last week, two Darlington primary schools announced they’re launching an awards scheme to highlight good ICT practice in North-East schools. Whilst this is a great way for schools in that area to begin building bridges with each other, the implementation of this idea comes as a solid, exciting solution to the slow integration of technology in…

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Five Great Things About The e-Portfolio

e-Portfolios, or electronic portfolios, are becoming increasingly common in schools. They allow learners to showcase their achievements to peers and parents, and gives them a permanent account of their learning path. This month, to mark the launch of Webanywhere’s Learner Journey, we’ve listed five reasons why e-portfolios are a school must-have. They Promote Pupil Interaction…

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Learnanywhere Visits Wigan

Webanywhere have been working with schools in the Wigan area now for nearly ten years – that’s pretty much since Webanywhere began. And with over thirty schools in and around Wigan now using Learnanywhere, we held a Training & Awareness Day to give those remaining schools a taster of what they’re missing out on! The…

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Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 - Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

Moodle: The Top Course Management System of 2012

Online learning tools are becoming more and more intrinsic to our daily lives. Most people don’t go a day without using at least one, whether that’s Twitter, Wikipedia or Pinterest.   The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT) has created a list of the top 100 tools for learning in 2012.  It was compiled…

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