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5 simple ways to use a smartphone in the classroom

Smartphones are often the bane of teachers’ daily classes by causing pupils to be distracted. However, rather than banning them, teachers can harness this piece of sharp technology to their advantage. With a vast range of exciting applications, students can learn about their surroundings in more detail. They could use a map application, navigate around…

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sketch africa

Kenya’s practical app designers

The digital economy is experiencing rapid growth worldwide. The benefits are not only being seen in the west. The development of applications are supporting the economic prosperity of countries in East Africa. According to a recent report by the BBC, Kenya is seeing a rapid rise in the number of mobile phone apps built by…

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Sharing bread

The WWW – ‘This is for you’

Ever find yourself clicking from one interesting web source to the next and before you know it, 3 hours have passed, you walk away and think, what did I actually achieve in this time? Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the WWW, has transformed the way we approach our everyday lives and provided us with a…

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