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Are Game-Based Books The Future Of Reading?

Over the past few weeks, Newsanywhere has been covering gamification-based topics. Gamification means the application of game-based elements, in this case learning. It’s one of the hot education trends of 2013. Now, game-based learning is entering a new arena: Books. The idea is to make books more engaging in the digital age, and the idea…

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Gamification: When To Use It

This half term, we’re looking at gamification – the application of game-based elements to learning. It’s a one of the latest trends in education technology – but how should you adopt it? There’s no use applying education technology, let alone gamification, to a lesson just for the sake of it. Applying game-based elements to learning…

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Gamification: How And Why It Works

There are already many schools across the country using gamification. Rather than just being a buzzword at the BETT Show in recent years, it’s now a serious proposition. For those who are new to it, gamification is the use of game-based elements and mechanics in what are typical non-game environments. In this case, it’s learning….

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Gamification: Our New Half-Term Topic

Engaging pupils in learning for over six hours of the day. Save for lunchtime and breaks, this is the constant battle in the classroom between you and young attention spans. Then came along this new phenomenon: gamification. Still new to many, but being adopted by increasing numbers, it allows teachers to make learning more exciting,…

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How Does Technology Improve Learning?

Technology has changed our lives in ways we could never have imagined thirty years ago. In schools, it is transforming learning to the point where the classroom is becoming virtually unrecognisable from when we were children. Some schools are adopting technology more than others, of course – but for those who are yet to really…

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