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Safeguarding: Free Resources

Safeguarding is one of the most relevant concerns when it comes to children using the internet. Children are spending more time on the Internet each year, and they are starting to use it at an earlier age. According to Ofcom’s 2012 report Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitude Report  PC/laptop/netbook internet use at home…

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Five Great Things About The e-Portfolio

e-Portfolios, or electronic portfolios, are becoming increasingly common in schools. They allow learners to showcase their achievements to peers and parents, and gives them a permanent account of their learning path. This month, to mark the launch of Webanywhere’s Learner Journey, we’ve listed five reasons why e-portfolios are a school must-have. They Promote Pupil Interaction…

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The Edtech Trends That Could Define 2013?

Our Review Of 2012 gave an interesting insight into the state of Edtech in 2012; rather than looking at the year through the news stories and events that took place during the year, we instead looked at what people were actually searching for via Google. The research into our 2012 review also showed that whatever…

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Our Review Of 2012: In Google Searches

Flipped classrooms. Gamification. E-learning. Phrases that, a few years ago, would have been alien to almost all of us, are now becoming part of everyday speak in schools. Those of you who aren’t so sure about the above three terms: if you’re about to do a Google search to find out, thank you. You’ve helped…

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Tougher tests for Trainee Teachers

The Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced that trainee teachers will have to undergo revamped English and Maths tests. These are to be introduced in September 2013, with a paper on verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning to be introduced in the coming years. The initial tests will deny the trainees the use of a calculator…

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