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Gamification: Our New Half-Term Topic

Engaging pupils in learning for over six hours of the day. Save for lunchtime and breaks, this is the constant battle in the classroom between you and young attention spans. Then came along this new phenomenon: gamification. Still new to many, but being adopted by increasing numbers, it allows teachers to make learning more exciting,…

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Learning Platforms: For Children, Not Just Teachers!

Learning platforms are revolutionising classrooms all over the UK – and beyond. But many practitioners are still reluctant to join the growing number of UK teachers who are using virtual learning environments as part of their everyday teaching. So, what’s stopping them? One of the most common objections to using a learning platform is that…

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How Does Technology Improve Learning?

Technology has changed our lives in ways we could never have imagined thirty years ago. In schools, it is transforming learning to the point where the classroom is becoming virtually unrecognisable from when we were children. Some schools are adopting technology more than others, of course – but for those who are yet to really…

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Safer Internet Day: Five Top Tips For Schools

Today – Tuesday, 5th February – is Safer Internet Day. This year is the tenth anniversary of the internet safety awareness day, and to mark the event, are urging customers to ‘connect with respect,’ with the theme of the day being online rights and responsibilities. have a Safer Internet Day kit for schools…

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Newsanywhere At BETT: Twitter Talk

As BETT heads towards its final hours, and as Brian Cox takes to the stage (to a packed crowd) in the arena, we’ve taken a look at those Tweeting about BETT during the show this week – creating an interesting picture for those who didn’t make it of the event. An Audience Awaits The highlight…

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Use your literacy skills and write a poem

ICT Awards – A Great Way To Encourage e-Learning In Schools

Last week, two Darlington primary schools announced they’re launching an awards scheme to highlight good ICT practice in North-East schools. Whilst this is a great way for schools in that area to begin building bridges with each other, the implementation of this idea comes as a solid, exciting solution to the slow integration of technology in…

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BETT – The First Big Date In The Edtech Calendar

BETT, the annual learning technology event, is just a few weeks away – and this year’s looks set to be the best yet. Among the highlights are a talk from TV scientist Professor Brian Cox, a visit from Mooc pioneer Shimon Shocken, and a discussion with Aaron Sams and Jonathon Bergman – famous for pioneering…

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The Edtech Trends That Could Define 2013?

Our Review Of 2012 gave an interesting insight into the state of Edtech in 2012; rather than looking at the year through the news stories and events that took place during the year, we instead looked at what people were actually searching for via Google. The research into our 2012 review also showed that whatever…

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