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character competition

Win e-Learning Prizes In Webanywhere’s Latest Competition!

Creativity – something children have in abundance. With Webanywhere’s latest competition they want to see how far children’s imaginations can be stretched, by asking them to create a new avatar for their primary specific learning platform, Learnanywhere. One of the key features of Learnanywhere is the characters, or avatars, that it has. Pupils can choose…

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Why Nurseries Can Benefit From Technology

A recent article published on Education Week raised an interesting question: Are pre-school children getting enough exposure to technology? Of course, the article was talking about the lack of technology within pre-school establishments in the US, but actually, the problem is likely to be far worse in the UK. While education technology plays a part…

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Get The Most From Pupil Premium: Free Guide

Last week was the Pupil Premium Conference in London, a chance for schools to learn how they can get the most from this funding. Pupil Premium is awarded to schools with disadvantaged children. The Department for Education defines these as pupils who have been eligible to receive free school meals in the past six years,…

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Gamification: When To Use It

This half term, we’re looking at gamification – the application of game-based elements to learning. It’s a one of the latest trends in education technology – but how should you adopt it? There’s no use applying education technology, let alone gamification, to a lesson just for the sake of it. Applying game-based elements to learning…

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Learning Platforms: For Children, Not Just Teachers!

Learning platforms are revolutionising classrooms all over the UK – and beyond. But many practitioners are still reluctant to join the growing number of UK teachers who are using virtual learning environments as part of their everyday teaching. So, what’s stopping them? One of the most common objections to using a learning platform is that…

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Use your literacy skills and write a poem

ICT Awards – A Great Way To Encourage e-Learning In Schools

Last week, two Darlington primary schools announced they’re launching an awards scheme to highlight good ICT practice in North-East schools. Whilst this is a great way for schools in that area to begin building bridges with each other, the implementation of this idea comes as a solid, exciting solution to the slow integration of technology in…

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Our Review Of 2012: In Google Searches

Flipped classrooms. Gamification. E-learning. Phrases that, a few years ago, would have been alien to almost all of us, are now becoming part of everyday speak in schools. Those of you who aren’t so sure about the above three terms: if you’re about to do a Google search to find out, thank you. You’ve helped…

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