Introducing… Speed Dating for Education!


Educational conferences can be very long affairs, especially if you’re only attending the event for one key speaker. For instance you may be out for a whole day, when realistically you could have got the information you needed in ten minutes. This may be about to change with a new format of events that appear to be on the rise.

These events take similar shape to speed dating, whereby, in the case of education events, each person has two minutes to ask an expert/provider/guru for advice or ask any question they may have. Once the two minutes is up, the delegate will then move on to the next expert.

Event organisers who are hosting these events will select different experts, providers and gurus who specialise in different subjects. For example there may be experts on Gamification, Cyberbullying, e-Learning platforms or DfE website requirements.

Three Top Tips for Attending a Speed Education Event

  1. If the host has provided details of the experts and topics they will be covering, make sure you are prepared and take a couple of questions you wish to ask them.

  2. If after the event you are reporting back to colleagues, ask them beforehand if they have anything specific they want to know and feedback the results afterward.

  3. Two minutes isn’t that long and if your short hand isn’t up to scratch. Consider recording each session (on your smart phone) – it’ll save you having to scribble things down quickly, which you may not be able to read later.

This may seem like a strange concept at the moment, but with the hectic lives teachers now all lead – we can only imagine how popular they will become over the next couple of years.

Have you already been to an event similar to this format? What did you think to it? We’d love to know, so why not leave a comment below.

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