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Inspire Pupils To Use Computers Properly With Our FREE Comic Strip!

Getting young children engaged with learning can often be a struggle; getting them enthused about rules and regulations is even harder! We recently published a classroom poster about using computers properly. With information about making sure your screen isn’t too bright, taking regular rests and maintaining a safe distance between you and the monitor, it…

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FREE Poster: Studying Tips For Pupils!

Whether it’s Friday’s ten-word spelling test, or an important exam, it’s essential for learners to revise and prepare. Getting into that frame of mind, however, can be difficult – particularly for younger pupils. So, we’ve put together a brand new poster for you to put up in your classroom. Tips For Studying gives pupils five…

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Catch Your School At Its Best

With the beautiful weather we’ve been having, now’s a great time to arrange photography or a video of your school to use in your marketing throughout the year. Online video has never been so popular, and apparently 72 hours of video is now uploaded to YouTube alone every minute. Videos also make your website six times more searchable…

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Get The Most From Pupil Premium: Free Guide

Last week was the Pupil Premium Conference in London, a chance for schools to learn how they can get the most from this funding. Pupil Premium is awarded to schools with disadvantaged children. The Department for Education defines these as pupils who have been eligible to receive free school meals in the past six years,…

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Are Game-Based Books The Future Of Reading?

Over the past few weeks, Newsanywhere has been covering gamification-based topics. Gamification means the application of game-based elements, in this case learning. It’s one of the hot education trends of 2013. Now, game-based learning is entering a new arena: Books. The idea is to make books more engaging in the digital age, and the idea…

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Gamification: When To Use It

This half term, we’re looking at gamification – the application of game-based elements to learning. It’s a one of the latest trends in education technology – but how should you adopt it? There’s no use applying education technology, let alone gamification, to a lesson just for the sake of it. Applying game-based elements to learning…

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Cyberbullying Of Teachers: How Do You Prevent This Growing Problem?

Cyber bullying is an ever-present threat, and it’s a problem that has increased in recent years as social networking sites have become more popular. Now, we’re noticing a new trend emerging: Cyber bullying of teachers. A recent survey carried out by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers and the Teacher Support Network suggested that teachers…

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‘Unauthorised’ Apps: How To Avoid Them

We’ve spoken in the past, here on Newsanywhere, about educational apps – and how they can improve learning. Apps are big business now – and almost everything, from recipies to your favourite magazine, has been turned into an app. However, this week it was discovered that ‘unauthorised’ apps are costing parents £30million, according to this…

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