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Cyberbullying: What You Need To Know

Cyberbullying is a massive problem. Not just because technology is making it an easier way for children to become victims of bullying, but because many schools are yet to understand how to deal with this new menace. This new term, we’ve had many a conversation with schools about cyberbullying, what it is and how it…

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And The Winners Are…

So, after a month of waiting, a lot of child-hours spent creating, and almost a week of sifting through close to a thousand entries, Webanywhere can now finally reveal the winners of the Create Your Character Competition! So many entries have been received, and the Webanywhere team were overjoyed at the hard work so many…

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Two Quick Ways To Make Learning More Engaging

There are two common obstacles to implementing technology into a school: money and time. Money, because many schools struggle to free up enough budget to pay for the software to use or the hardware on which to run it. Time, because teachers find their time so stretched they simply don’t have the opportunity to learn…

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Webanywhere’s Popular e-Learning Event Reaches Hull

On 25th September 2013, Cottingham High School, Hull, became the host for Webanywhere’s latest Nurturing Online Learning event. The event was split into two sessions: the first, Meeting Ofsted Requirements for School Websites, and the second, Integrating e-Learning into Everyday Teaching.

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Websites: Updates to Ofsted Requirements

Earlier this month (September 2013), Ofsted updated its information regarding inspections of maintained schools and academies. To keep you on top of the changes to school website requirements, you’ll be able to find the main points, and how to meet them, in this blog post. e-Safety “…raising awareness through school website or newsletters” Your school…

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Introducing… Speed Dating for Education!

Educational conferences can be very long affairs, especially if you’re only attending the event for one key speaker. For instance you may be out for a whole day, when realistically you could have got the information you needed in ten minutes. This may be about to change with a new format of events that appear to be on the rise.

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Win e-Learning Prizes In Webanywhere’s Latest Competition!

Creativity – something children have in abundance. With Webanywhere’s latest competition they want to see how far children’s imaginations can be stretched, by asking them to create a new avatar for their primary specific learning platform, Learnanywhere. One of the key features of Learnanywhere is the characters, or avatars, that it has. Pupils can choose…

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