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Sharing bread

The WWW – ‘This is for you’

Ever find yourself clicking from one interesting web source to the next and before you know it, 3 hours have passed, you walk away and think, what did I actually achieve in this time? Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the WWW, has transformed the way we approach our everyday lives and provided us with a…

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Print a hula hoop

What is your earliest memory of using a printer? Now think about being able to print out your very own hula hoop with a 3D printer As a child, I remember only being able to print out text onto paper with holes down either side of the page, to then remove manually. A few years…

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Plugging every young person into computer science

Schools across the UK are searching for ways to integrate technology into education, equipping both teachers and pupils with the skills they need. In a recent article, Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google laments that the current ICT curriculum focuses on teaching how to use software but isn’t feeding children’s curiosity about how it is made….

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Resetting the ICT curriculum

ICT education scrapped in the UK until 2014 – catastrophe or opportunity?

The Department of Education has confirmed the removal of the statutory obligation to teach ICT as a compulsory subject.  An optional new computer science GCSE, based around coding rather than software use, will be introduced in 2014. Some educators believe this change will lead to many schools providing virtually no computer and technology education at…

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I Am Learning

Using games to get students learning online

Incorporating online games into education has been shown to improve engagement with subjects, and even improve exam results, meaning online games will play an ever-increasing role in the educational process. Online games can present educational material in a familiar, accessible format.  It is an area of fast growing interest and investment as: Games are integral…

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