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How A Video Can Enhance Your Website

So you’ve finally got your website up and running, or maybe you’ve had your website for a while. You’re thinking ‘how can I make my website stand out from the rest?’ ‘How can I capture our school environment?’ ‘How can I leave a lasting memory on the parents, teachers and children who visit our website?’…

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Introducing… Speed Dating for Education!

Educational conferences can be very long affairs, especially if you’re only attending the event for one key speaker. For instance you may be out for a whole day, when realistically you could have got the information you needed in ten minutes. This may be about to change with a new format of events that appear to be on the rise.

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Why Nurseries Can Benefit From Technology

A recent article published on Education Week raised an interesting question: Are pre-school children getting enough exposure to technology? Of course, the article was talking about the lack of technology within pre-school establishments in the US, but actually, the problem is likely to be far worse in the UK. While education technology plays a part…

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Learning Platforms: For Children, Not Just Teachers!

Learning platforms are revolutionising classrooms all over the UK – and beyond. But many practitioners are still reluctant to join the growing number of UK teachers who are using virtual learning environments as part of their everyday teaching. So, what’s stopping them? One of the most common objections to using a learning platform is that…

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Mary Cooch inspires at Webanywhere Event

Learning platforms aren’t just designed to save teachers time – they’re also a great way to get learners more engaged. That was the message delegates received from Mary Cooch (@Moodlefairy), who presented a 40-minute long introduction to Nurturing Online Learning – Webanywhere’s learning platform ‘awareness’ day. The event, which took place at Leeds’ Rose Bowl, must…

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Helpful Moodle Ideas And Advice – Watch The Videos

Moodle has grown rapidly since its birth in 1999 – and now has users in 214 countries. With such widespread use, and so many variations of Moodle now in existence, it’s important your staff understand it, and use it to its full potential. So, Webanywhere have put together three videos to help you engage your…

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Newsanywhere At BETT: Twitter Talk

As BETT heads towards its final hours, and as Brian Cox takes to the stage (to a packed crowd) in the arena, we’ve taken a look at those Tweeting about BETT during the show this week – creating an interesting picture for those who didn’t make it of the event. An Audience Awaits The highlight…

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