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Computing Programmes of Study: The New 2014 Curriculum

With the focus shifting from general ICT skills to the implementation of computing education for key stages 1 and 2 it may seem a daunting time for both pupil and teacher.

Jobs that deal with computers on a more technical level are becoming ever increasing, however young people currently don’t have the skills to fill those roles. To fill this skills gap it has been decided to ramp up the teaching of computer science.

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Primary School Teachers Need More ICT Consultation

New proposals to change the ICT curriculum intend to provide children with the knowledge to enter an increasingly technological working world with confidence. As part of the overhaul, however, primary school teachers have been vastly under-represented – the lack of consultation with primary schools during the process means their needs may not be met when…

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Digital Literacy: It’s The Future!

Nine months after Education Secretary Michael Gove scrapped the existing curriculum for Information and Communication Technology, this week a new ICT curriculum has been proposed by the Royal Academy of Engineering and BCS (the Chartered Institute of IT). It’s yet to be endorsed by the Department of Education, but what this new draft does is…

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Tougher tests for Trainee Teachers

The Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced that trainee teachers will have to undergo revamped English and Maths tests. These are to be introduced in September 2013, with a paper on verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning to be introduced in the coming years. The initial tests will deny the trainees the use of a calculator…

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Plugging every young person into computer science

Schools across the UK are searching for ways to integrate technology into education, equipping both teachers and pupils with the skills they need. In a recent article, Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google laments that the current ICT curriculum focuses on teaching how to use software but isn’t feeding children’s curiosity about how it is made….

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