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Webanywhere’s Online Rewards System Is Now Free

Last month, Webanywhere launched two brand new e-learning apps for schools – Jotter Learn and School Merits. Now, it has been announced that School Merits, the online rewards system, will be free to all schools. This means that teachers can incentivise learning, giving each child a character – or avatar – and awarding them points…

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Two Quick Ways To Make Learning More Engaging

There are two common obstacles to implementing technology into a school: money and time. Money, because many schools struggle to free up enough budget to pay for the software to use or the hardware on which to run it. Time, because teachers find their time so stretched they simply don’t have the opportunity to learn…

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Websites: Updates to Ofsted Requirements

Earlier this month (September 2013), Ofsted updated its information regarding inspections of maintained schools and academies. To keep you on top of the changes to school website requirements, you’ll be able to find the main points, and how to meet them, in this blog post. e-Safety “…raising awareness through school website or newsletters” Your school…

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