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Safeguarding: Free Resources

Safeguarding is one of the most relevant concerns when it comes to children using the internet. Children are spending more time on the Internet each year, and they are starting to use it at an earlier age. According to Ofcom’s 2012 report Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitude Report  PC/laptop/netbook internet use at home…

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5 simple ways to use a smartphone in the classroom

Smartphones are often the bane of teachers’ daily classes by causing pupils to be distracted. However, rather than banning them, teachers can harness this piece of sharp technology to their advantage. With a vast range of exciting applications, students can learn about their surroundings in more detail. They could use a map application, navigate around…

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sketch africa

Kenya’s practical app designers

The digital economy is experiencing rapid growth worldwide. The benefits are not only being seen in the west. The development of applications are supporting the economic prosperity of countries in East Africa. According to a recent report by the BBC, Kenya is seeing a rapid rise in the number of mobile phone apps built by…

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bully free zone2

e-Safety software kicks out cyberbullying

Individuals collaborate and communicate through the use of technology every day. However, it’s not always sunshine and buttercups. Cyberbullying is alarmingly common among adolescents and teens. According to the i-SAFE foundation, 1 in 3 people have experienced threats online. Learner Journey is an e-portfolio that provides learners with a safe, secure online space to showcase…

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Tablet computing : Consider the market

Just a few years ago, the question ‘How much does a tablet cost?’ would have suggested that you were comparing the price of medication… now tablets are our new alternative to computers with an exciting range to choose from. But which one do you choose? Saving money The price of tablets can range from over…

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einstein digital

Brains online – Einstein in digital

Earlier this week, Einstein’s brain was released as an interactive iPad app! Steve Landers, consultant for the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago and designer of the app comments, “I’d like to think Einstein would have been excited!” Princeton Hospital pathologist, Thomas Harvey removed Einstein’s organ during an autopsy in 1955 without permission. He…

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eBook vs Buch, e-Reader aus einem Bücherregal ziehen

e-Book vs paper book

At one time there were fears that the cinema would kill the theatre, and then that television would kill the cinema.Yet as we look around, it is plain to see that they coexist. We can compare this to the advance of e-books overshadowing paper books. Will e-books completely wipe out the use of paper books…

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Maths genius

Bringing maths to life – the Khan Academy

The Khan Academy provides engaging, free online how-to educational videos to millions of children worldwide. Sal Khan is the voice and brain behind this not-for-profit educational organisation. With support from Google, Gates, and other Internet powerhouses, Sal Khan wants to change education worldwide through technology, and his approach is already being tested in some American…

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