And The Winners Are…

Colourful Robot

So, after a month of waiting, a lot of child-hours spent creating, and almost a week of sifting through close to a thousand entries, Webanywhere can now finally reveal the winners of the Create Your Character Competition!

So many entries have been received, and the Webanywhere team were overjoyed at the hard work so many children had clearly put into their characters. Of course, this made the job of judging much harder, because so many of the character designs were on a par in terms of their quality.

There were five judges for the competition. Jonny, the official, in-house avatar creator; Lucy, the creative marketing guru; Sean, Webanywhere’s Managing Director; David, the competition organiser; and Alan McKenzie – the independent judge, from Esafety Adviser.

Yesterday – Thursday – they managed to finally whittle down the entries to a Top 20, and then today they had the final ten: That is, five winners, and five runners-up.

So – without further ado, the winners of the competition, who will have their characters created for Learnanywhere, and receive e-learning prizes for their schools, are:

Crazy Bot – Christ Church School, Wigan

Colourful Robot




Meeko – St Thomas Aquinas School, Stoke

Blue boy



Starry Eyes – St Thomas Aquinas School, Stoke

Blue girl

Rainbowstar – Westborough School, Essex


Multi Monkey – South Parks Primary School, Fife

Multi Monkey

All of the above will be created by Jonny for Learnanywhere. The runners up, who will win a specially-designed avatar poster and mini e-learning bundles for their school, are:

Lulu – South Parks Primary School, Fife



Calvin – St Thomas Aquinas School, Stoke


B.Nanna – St Ursula’s Catholic Junior School, Havering


Aral  - St Ursula’s Catholic Junior School, Havering

Blue Man

Millie Moo –  South Parks Primary School, Fife

Millie Moo

Pat, from St Thomas Aquinas School, said: “We entered because we wanted to get the children involved in something exciting. It’s fantastic that they will see their hard work used by Webanywhere.”

 All winners and runners up have now been contacted – so if you’re one of the above and you haven’t received your winners’ details, please get in touch! Well done to the many schools – and hundreds of children – who entered. We enjoyed judging your work!

If you were a school who entered, or registered, and would like to take advantage of your 10% Webanywhere product discount, please email [email protected]

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