Newsanywhere is the online news, views, help and advice resource for teachers. We blog regularly on what matters to you, the teachers, and our white papers guide you through the topics that you need to know about.

Our team scour the internet on a daily basis to keep Newsanywhere’s content fresh and relevant. If you’d like to contact us, just e-mail [email protected]

Matt Coffey

Matt oversees Newsanywhere, making sure content is perfectly written and information reliably sourced. Having worked in the education technology industry for nine years, and worked on Newsanywhere since the beginning, he’’s a mine of information for the team!

David Smith

David is responsible for primary-related content, from white papers to teaching resources and lesson ideas. In order to make every teacher’s’ life that little bit easier, he searches, researches and reviews anything he thinks may be of use in the classroom.