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7K of e-Learning Tools Up For Grabs In Webanywhere Competition

Earlier this year, Webanywhere launched an all-new, app-based e-learning platform for schools. Now, you have a chance of winning it in an exciting new competition for teachers and pupils.   They’re looking for a new app idea, to join the suite of apps already available. Currently, apps include a blogging tool, an online rewards system…

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Webanywhere’s Online Rewards System Is Now Free

Last month, Webanywhere launched two brand new e-learning apps for schools – Jotter Learn and School Merits. Now, it has been announced that School Merits, the online rewards system, will be free to all schools. This means that teachers can incentivise learning, giving each child a character – or avatar – and awarding them points…

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Webanywhere Launches Integrated e-Learning/Website System

As visitors to BETT 2014 will know, Webanywhere’s leading school website system will be integrated with a range of e-learning apps this year. School Jotter, already used by nearly 3,000 schools, underwent its first transformation today. An all-new dashboard, which existing School Jotter 2 users have been upgraded to for free, will allow e-learning apps…

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How A Video Can Enhance Your Website

So you’ve finally got your website up and running, or maybe you’ve had your website for a while. You’re thinking ‘how can I make my website stand out from the rest?’ ‘How can I capture our school environment?’ ‘How can I leave a lasting memory on the parents, teachers and children who visit our website?’…

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BETT: The Countdown Begins

Arguably the most important date on the educational technology calendar is now just two months away. BETT, the learning technology event held every year in London, was a massive success back in January – and there is even more reason to pay the show a visit this year. Last year, the BETT Arena saw talks…

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Computing Programmes of Study: The New 2014 Curriculum

With the focus shifting from general ICT skills to the implementation of computing education for key stages 1 and 2 it may seem a daunting time for both pupil and teacher.

Jobs that deal with computers on a more technical level are becoming ever increasing, however young people currently don’t have the skills to fill those roles. To fill this skills gap it has been decided to ramp up the teaching of computer science.

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